Does Ed Jew Live In The District?

Dear Sarosh;

It has all the hallmarks of what passes for the standard political debate today - slime - smear - slur topped off by the icing on the cake - mudballs.

Worse case scenario - if Ed Jew does have to step down - at least Newsom can be expected to name a reasonably decent replacement - especially with a Mayoral contest coming up - even if so far uncontested by no names - Newsom needs the votes of the Sunset.

And as originally mentioned by myself it also has the hallmarks of a politically motivated set up and sting gone awry with the FBI looking for recorded numbers of hundred dollar bills on supposed cash payoffs for a consultant.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

I hope like hell Ed Jew doesn't step down. I think our chances of getting another supervisor as good from Newsom are very slim. The only thing that's virtually guaranteed is that it would be another person of Asian descent, and the most likely suspect would be Doug Chan, the candidate Newsom supported in the race and a former aide of U.S. Senator Alan Cranston. Ironically, Chan also faced allegations he didn't live in the district, and was accused of unsavory financial dealings with PG&E, but neither charge seemed to carry much weight. I called and left a "hang in there" message on Ed's office phone, and encourage others to do likewise -- it's (415) 554-7460. If you call, let him know you're with the Libertarian Party.

Love & liberty,
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