Do we have any of the "Libertarian Centrist" brochures in the LPSF stash?

I'm going to order a hundred of the "Libertarian Centrist" brochures for
Outright's booth at SF Pride. I'll be putting Outright's contact labels
on those hundred. Do we want to get another hundred for LPSF with the
LPSF contact information on them (I can print these labels)?

Here's the brochure:

If you've not seen the brochure, I can email you a scanned copy with
high enough resolution for you to read it.


I'd like to read it. I may have seen it before, but don't
particularly recall what it says. Maybe you could post it in our
group's file area so everyone could check it out and you won't have
to send people copies individually?

      ((( starchild )))

Hi Rob,

I like the Venn Diagram type of visuals the brochure uses, and
although the resolution is not good on the picture, I think the "what
we believe ins" are the usual stuff. I suggest ordering some for the

BTW, although I passed on to Francoise all the brochures I had, they
were not very many. The last time I heard, Starchild did not have
alot either.


Dear Rob,

I would like to read it as well. Thanks

Best, Michael