Noisebridge is a hackerspace in SF. It is totally awesome. I am there now.
The official capacity of police is prohibited without a warrant.

These are the rules:
Tripartite Pillars
Be excellent to each other is the guiding principle of Noisebridge. Wikipedia uses a somewhat similar rule, which they call "the fundamental rule of all social spaces. Every other policy for getting along is a special case of it." Unlike Wikipedia, Noisebridge takes a positive approach, and avoids the practice of officially enumerating the myriad potential special cases;
"be excellent" is enough.
We make official Noisebridge decisions by consensus, which means the
willing consent of all of our members. Decisions are made at our weekly meetings, and items proposed for consensus are announced at least a week in
advance to give everyone time to hear about them. Members may block by
proxy if they are unable to attend or if they wish to block anonymously.
More information on the Consensus Process.
Doing excellent stuff at Noisebridge does not require permission or
an official consensus decision. If you're uncertain about the excellence of something you want to do, you should ask someone else what they


  I've been to Noisebridge and am roughly familiar with it, but haven't spent too much time there. Did not know about these rules, but am fascinated to see they are seeking to use such a pure consensus model. Have you seen it in action much? What happens when problems arise?

Love & Liberty,
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This is my first time. But I am really impressed by the community and the space. In a way its like lab/shop scenes from 50 years ago: the car club in Grease?

By the way are you nearby?

Anti police brutality demonstration going on.

Where? Details?

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John, as I said before, your posts are often over my head. I thought my previous posts were asking for specific examples of anarchical states (states, such as Italy, France, Chile).

BTW, if I ever meet a hacker face to face, I will personally beat him/her up with my bare hands. Try running a business with some fool threatening your client files!