Disturbing News: Carl Bernstein: Weld May Quit and Help Hillary, 'Despises' Trump

Famed Watergate Journalist Carl Bernstein says Libertarian
Vice-Presidential Candidate William Weld may quit the race
Carl Bernstein: Weld May Quit and Help Hillary, 'Despises' Trump

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This will not be the first time Weld has quit. He also quit as a candidate
for NY Governor and before that Weld resigned as Governor of Massachusetts
after completing only half of his second term.

Sam Sloan

Yes, disturbing. But I would not blame the guy if he did quit, given the bad mouthing he is getting from such a large percentage of Libertarians. However, according to Reason Magazine, Bernstein's comments are "wishful thinking." I hope Bernstein is either wishful thinking or just planting stuff to help Democrats.



Bill Weld: Carl Bernstein's Speculation That I Will Drop Out to Help Hillary Clinton Is 'Wishful Thinking'<https://reason.com/blog/2016/09/18/bill-weld-carl-bernsteins-speculation-th>
"Under no circumstances will our energies be diverted from our goal of winning the election," Weld says in response to Watergate journalist's suggestion


Reason is probably right as usual – I'm inclined to trust their analysis over that of a Washington Post reporter, Watergate-famous or no. But if a Libertarian nominee's public comments are drawing more ire from Libertarians than from anyone else (I hope that's not true!), then that candidate has definitely gone wrong somewhere and maybe should quit! My preference though would be to see Bill Weld devote his impressive campaign skills – he is a much better speaker/interviewee than Johnson, in my opinion – to living up to the confidence we as a party placed in him by putting a stronger focus on spreading the libertarian message.

Love & Liberty,
                               ((( starchild )))

Agreed. As an aside, the "ire" seems to be coming from our anarchists and purists not our pragmatists. The non Libertarian general public unfortunately doesn't know enough about third parties or believe in the viability of third parties sufficiently to show any ire.

But judging by unscientific standards as my Facebook page, there are tons of Libertarians out there promoting Johnson. And the LPSF Facebook Group has acquired around 100 new members in the last three months, all supporting Johnson

So let's hope these two guys hang in there for a couple more months. Meanwhile, we can use the opportunity they have unquestionably generated to do our own promotion of the LP.