District Questionair for FADC due Aug. 20th at midnight


  Thank you for your invitation! FYI, I am now running for School Board and not for Supervisor. (I was running for Supervisor, but when the Elections Department checked my nomination signatures, it turned out I was two valid signatures short of having turned in the number required.) I do have a few questions for you...

(1) What are your criteria for being invited to an interview?
(2) Do you endorse non-Democrats? (I'm registered Libertarian, and to be perfectly frank with you, tend to see the Democrats and Republicans who hold power in this country as part of the problem, although that does not necessarily apply to grassroots party members and groups like yours)
(3) Do the interviews take place with only club officers, or all club members and the public?
(4) (related to #1) How much of your evaluation of candidates is done on the basis of merit (how much you agree with their stances, your opinion of their integrity, etc.), or political considerations (how likely you think they are to win, who else is supporting them, etc.)? If you can, please assign a percentage weight to each category (e.g. "Evaluations are 75% merit-based, 25% political-based")

  Whether or not I am invited to come and speak with you in a candidate interview, I am always open to talking with members of your group about what we can do to make San Francisco a better place, and would welcome the dialogue, especially if like me you are more concerned with merit than with politics.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))
      Candidate for School Board