District 5 Supervisor candidate debate (October 2, Zoom)

Numerous groups are sponsoring a debate among the candidates for the District 5 seat (Haight-Ashbury, Western Addition, etc.) on the Board of Supervisors, and inviting members of the public to send in questions for the candidates – email D5-debate-questions@hanc-sf.org.

  My question just submitted:

The Board of Supervisors, including incumbent D5 supervisor Dean Preston, recently voted to give city government employees a pay raise at the public's expense, at a time when large numbers of people have lost their jobs and many local businesses have been forced to shut their doors as a result of the government lockdown and may never reopen. Do you support or oppose that pay raise, and what would you do as supervisor to fix priorities so that the interests of members of the so-called "city family" are no longer put ahead of those of the ordinary residents who have to pay their salaries?

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D5 Candidate Debate Flyer.pdf (92.8 KB)

UCSF and the City of San Francisco MOU.pdf (366 KB)