District 3 supervisor debate (Thurs. March 14, 6pm, North Beach)

Another event of interest to local Libertarians and political watchers is happening tomorrow evening, Thursday March 14, from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. The Telegraph Hill Dwellers neighborhood group is hosting a debate for District 3 Supervisor (a contest on the November ballot). The event is free, but they’re asking for RSVPs:

District 3 Supervisor Debate · Luma (District 3 Supervisor Debate · Luma)

The location of the debate is at the historic SF Italian Athletic Club, at 1630 Stockton Street, on Washington Square Park.

Current District 3 supervisors and Board president Aaron Peskin is reportedly running for mayor, so there will be a fight for an open seat to replace him. (It shouldn’t be easier to win when there’s no incumbent, but sadly many people still seem to be stuck on voting for incumbent politicians even though they tend to be worse on average than those with less political experience.)

I’m planning to go, let me know if you will as well – we could potentially go for drinks or a bite afterward.

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