Direct Citizen Action

Direct Citizen Action
Posted by James Ostrowski on August 7, 2009 08:44 AM
Several years ago, I concluded that the best way to advance liberty was
through direct citizen action. That's the subject of my new book which
should be out this fall. When the tea party movement came along, I thought
it was a good opportunity to roll out some ideas. My concept was to make a
list of "12 steps" you could tape to your refrigerator. Each of the 12 steps
is something you could do yourself.

One of the better ideas in the plan is to boycott the business firms that
donate money to politicians. This has led naturally to picketing political
fundraisers. This is an extremely effective tactic as you catch the
adversary by surprise and get them out of their comfort zone. They much
prefer to buy and sell influence in private rather than on YouTube.

Anyway, our next event is in downtown Buffalo on Wednesday at 5pm. Stop by
and say hello. If you like the 12 steps, you will love No. 13 which is the
subject of my new book.