Did Podesta Put Out a Contract on Antonin Scalia?

You decide.

  Hat tip Hardscrabble Farmer. Is this proof that Podesta put out a hit on Scalia in codespeak?

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Proof of the contract Podesta put out on Justice Scalia
I have proof of the hit contract they put out on Scalia. They being Podesta. I believe I have found proof in the wikileaks emails, specifically this one ( [link to wikileaks.com (secure)] which seems to be detailing a “movie” contract for Podesta to pick up? But he’s not a film producer. What could this be?
Wet work codespeak? Yep. Includes even a map. They had a contract out on Justice Scalia. I found the “order” in the emails disguised in a subtle request for “funding” for a “film idea”. The cost, $1.5 million dollars down, $15 million on completion of the hit.They were so brazen that they even sent a URL to a map showing a line to the location in texas where the ranch is that Scalia died……they used a smithsonian map to mark the spot.[link to www.smithsonianeducation.org] There’s the map URL as it was sent in the email to Podesta (seemingly responding to the contract request)……with the line showing precisely where they would do it at…..the ranch in west Texas and how they would escape, to Mexico through Tecate. Here’s the wikileaks email Podesta was sent:
[link to wikileaks.com (secure)]
There it is, a contract to kill a supreme right there in CIA codespeak with a cute little “movie” pitch idea that went like this“I have the script, the budget and a producer for this 2016 political, game changing film project – funding is needed. You would be in charge of the content and selecting the producer.”
But again, Podesta is not a film producer. You’re welcome.

Based on the supposedly incriminatory map at the link, I'd say no. The line on the map allegedly showing "precisely where they would do it at" and "how they would escape" shows nothing of the kind. Here's the map in question:

  For the record, I don't consider the notion that Antonin Scalia may have been murdered to be farfetched at all. But this "evidence" is so flimsy that it's enough to make one wonder whether it is being put out there as a "false flag" to discredit actual serious speculation about foul play in how the late justice died.

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