Deja vu all over again: Flawed Platform Committee surveys being sent out / Lack of committee openness & limited participation

Thanks, Dan. Someone just posted about that link, however upon checking it I only found lists for the Bylaws and Rules Committee, the Platform Committee, and the Credentials Committee, but nothing on the members of various LNC committees (technically sub-committees) and how to reach them.

  It would be good for a web page listing members of each of the LNC committees or subcommittees (e.g. the Convention Oversight Committee and the Libertarian National Congressional Committee) and their contact information to also include the following:

• When each committee/subcommittee member was appointed, and when his or her term expires
• How many people may serve on each committee/subcommittee, if there is a limit
• When each committee/subcommittee was formed, and the roll call vote taken to form it
• Whether each committee/subcommittee is standing or temporary, and if temporary, when it expires
• How to apply to serve on a committee/subcommittee
• What each committee/subcommittee's purpose is
• A link to any reports or other written material published by each committee/subcommittee

Love & Liberty,
                                    ((( starchild )))

P.S. - Chuck Moulton noticed that I said below that he had not been able to find who the Platform and Bylaws committee members were, whereas in fact the Bylaws members are identified, since they were all selected by the LNC. Their names appear at the link you provide below. It was the Platform and Credentials committee members who he did not have, because the top 10 state affiliates (by membership) each appoint a Platform Committee member, and the top 5 state affiliates (by membership) each appoint a Credentials Committee member.