Debate between Democrats for Assembly, District 12 (western SF), Weds. April 5, 6-7pm

There is no Libertarian in this race, so those of you in the district might be wondering who is the lesser evil (not that you'll be voting unless you're a Democrat, but perhaps in order to advise friends/family/colleagues, etc., or even wanting to put up a window sign for one of the candidates or something). There is a Green running, Barry Hermanson, but I assume he will not be participating in this debate.

  Fiona Ma's unnamed opponent is Janet Reilly, whose husband Clint ran for mayor a few years ago and has been previously known as a hard-hitting political consultant.

  If nothing else, it may be interesting to see these Democrats go at it in a fairly heated contest.

Yours in liberty,
        <<< starchild >>>

Bleah - I'm voting None of the Above in this one.

Fiona Ma is an establishment Democrat, treading the same political
promotion ladder as Leland Yee (the outgoing incumbent) before her. She
is the favorite, as far as I can tell, as an experienced officeholder
(which equals credibility to the voters).

Janet Reilly is a machine player; behind the scenes thus far, but very
well-connected as Starchild noted. Interestingly, according to her signs,
she is supported by both Leland Yee and Matt Gonzalez.

Barry Hermanson is a very nice guy, but a flaming commie. He came to one
of the LPSF candidate fora, when he was running for Supervisor.

If I had to vote for one at gunpoint, I'd probably vote for Barry as I'd
rather have a principled commie on the board than a machine tool, but I'll
be voting NOTA.

I kinda wish I could have run again this year. I'd even more rather
someone else had. (-: