David Icke - Remember who you are.

Hello folks.....thought you might appreciate this excerpt from David Icke's interview with the Daily Bell....the entire interview is excellent too and well worth the read.



David Icke: Just my new book, Remember Who You Are. I write all my own books and do all my own research because when you are connecting dots, it's easier for one mind to be doing that work. When I write my books, I have to include certain dots; otherwise you can't see the significance with the new dots. When I write a book, I also keep in mind that whomever is reading it knows nothing about what is going on, in terms of research; maybe they have not read previous books. I write every book to stand alone so someone can pick up any book and get the picture. I write so everyone can understand what I am saying. If you hit them with too much intellectual superiority, many people will switch off. To me that's not communication; that is intellectual arrogance. So I write books for everybody. They're available at my website, www.davidicke.com<http://www.davidicke.com>.

People ask me, how do we make a change through politics? WE DON'T. Politics change because the people change. How do we make a change through this or that? WE DON'T. All change comes through human perception. As Einstein said, you cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them. Thus, we have to have a consciousness shift and then we will have a world society shift. One cannot come without the other. People like Ron Paul and what they are saying in politics is great. It's so refreshing to hear someone standing up in the political arena and saying many of the things that he is saying. But politics is not going to make the change. People are going to make the change and what we call politics - and that's going to have to fundamentally change - will change as a result of that; it won't be the other way around.

Keep in mind ... Poly= many, tics = blood sucking creatures.