Daily dose of doublethink



is not a particularly interesting article, except for this gem on the
second page:

Richard Diamond, a spokesman at the FCC, said in a phone interview,
"There were allegations that the company had been blocking ports,
causing Vonage customers and possibly others to lose service. We
investigated starting Feb. 11. The results -- in very swift action three
weeks later, we arrived at a Consent Decree -- an agreement between the
FCC and the telephone company -- involving a voluntary contribution to
the U.S. Treasury and agreeing to initiate a compliance plan to make
sure this doesn't happen in the future."

(As for the rest of the article, it just seems like a simple breach of
contract to me -- the customers had paid for Internet service and the
telephone company was maliciously degrading that service without just
cause. They should be compensating their customers rather than the U.S.