Cutting Taxes And Rent Control And LPSF Party Platform Planks

Dear Everyone;

With all the flurry about end running rent control and getting a
real LPSF Party Platform on the books - issue by issue - no need to
strain everyone with a whole passel of issues all at once.

How about starting with a LPSF plank of Housing/Property. As there
will be the school bond issue with it's property tax. We already are
talking about a means test for rent control to side step and end
around rent control.

We can talk about a local property tax break by allowing parents of
children in private schools to stop paying that portion of the
property taxes which goes to the SF Unified School District.

The same would apply to condo owners and in apartment buildings the
units occupied by parents with children in private schools would be
proportionally exempt from the overall property tax.

On homeless housing is it possible to buld those special 1 room
homeless shelters as an alternative to the tax money sucking
homeless shelter managm,ent companies and non-profits?

Just some thoughts to think about.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian