Curb Rights Anarchy

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Here's a working model of my proposal for curb rights. Spontaneous
order works.

Best, Michael

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There are several intersections in my neighborhood (Central Richmond
District) that I consider particularly dangerous because they are two-way
stops; cars in the un-stopped direction (including buses on a major Muni
route on our street, Balboa) pay no attention either to pedestrians or to
cars in the stopped direction, making it scary being a pedestrian or a
driver trying to cross. I witnessed an accident on Geary at another
two-way stop, where the traffic on Geary was completely uncontrolled,
making it impossible for someone to enter the intersection safely from the
cross street. My attitude has been that we should have four-way stops at
all of those intersections to make them safer, and my wife has lobbied for
a four-way stop at the intersection closest to our house; I had never
considered that *removing* the existing stop signs might have a better

They also briefly mention roundabouts, which I had a similar opinion of.
I used to work near a traffic circle at Townsend & 8th St. that I
considered rather scary both as a driver and as a pedestrian; but again it
had stop signs at every entrance to the circle, whereas proper roudabouts
have no stop signs, which apparently makes them *safer*.

But, Michael, what does this have to do with privatizing the streets as
you had described before? The article doesn't say anything about curb
rights, only traffic control. It doesn't even mention parking...


P.S. Here's the link to the article on the Web: