Crowley was wrong, but not racist

I'm hoping that this incident will, at long last, bring public pressure to bear against these rogue, out-of-control police and prosecutors.

Dear All;

While the brouhaha boiled over for no good reason Obama threw gasoline on a fire and started a real brouhaha.

However on the flip side there are numerous incidents of black car drivers being pulled over very literally because they were guilty of driving while being black and absolutely nothing else and this is an established fact.

It is just about a right of passage for a black male at some time to get pulled over by a cop for whatever simply because they are black and literally guilty of being black while driving and literally nothing else.

The other side of the coin which will require further exploration and confirmation is Crowley is purportedly the Cambridge racial profiling instructor for the Cambridge PD.
If this is true then a whole heck of a lot more went on then was reported by either side.

Much like two gamecocks thrown into a ring. In this case one had a loud voice and the other had a gun. Unfortunately there is now way to much he said he said he said he said.

Now it has become sheep dip. :slight_smile:

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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I'm actually glad that Obama did throw some gasoline on the fire; because our 'criminal justice' system is badly in need of being burnt to the ground. Regardless of their motives, this incident is the first time in a long time police conduct has gotten anything but fawning praise from the media and is being looked at critically.