CRITICAL: Still need SF Pride Parade monitors (and walkers to fill out our contingent)

Please forward to any SF-Bay-Area Libertarian lists:

As of this morning, the Parade Coordinator has said we still do not have our required 6 trained monitors, and since one of our confirmed trainees (Francoise) will be busy working at the festival booth, we really need a few more people trained, preferably Thursday night in Oakland if possible (the Friday one fills up quickly, and they always have to turn people away):

Thursday, June 26 7:00 p.m. Kaiser Permanente, 1800 Harrison @ 19th, 8th Floor, Room 8E, Oakland
Friday, June 27 6:15 p.m. Women's Building Auditorium, 3543 18th St, SF

If we don't have 6 trained monitors, we will not be allowed to have LP VP Nominee Wayne Root riding in the convertible in our contingent. (hence CRITICAL in the subject line)

Here's who is on my records as having already attended a training this year:

Rich Newell
Francoise Fielding
Rob Power
Mike Acree

If you are not on this list, and you have attended training and submitted a card that had our contingent code (OUTR), then please let me know. The Parade Coordinator said she had not yet received all such cards from the safety committee yet, so maybe things aren't as dire as they seem. But since she won't be able to give me an "official" count until after all of the trainings are over, I'd rather we err on the side of too many monitors (for instance, if we have more than 25 people in our contingent, our requirement pops up from 6 monitors to 8 monitors).



P.S. We also just need people to walk with us, not only trained contingent monitors. The convertible carrying Root has more of an impact if it's followed by 16 walkers (or more, but then we'll need 2 more monitors). If you'd like to be in the SF Pride Parade representing Libertarians to the LGBT community, please join us at 10am at Beale between Howard and Folsom. Straight allies (and spouses, and families, friends, etc.) are all welcome. Let's show how inclusive and welcoming the LP is. If you're a candidate, please join us in the parade. We'll get some photos of you on the parade route for your website if you'd like. If anyone is a good photographer and/or has a better camera than my 4MP Canon Elph, we could really use your help in the parade.

P.P.S. If you'd like to join us tonight to make signs to carry in the parade, our sign making party is at 7pm Wednesday at Third St and Folsom St in San Francisco (Archstone Apartments #6111 - Power, Robt in call box), and if you'd like to wear a shirt supporting our Presidential ticket in the parade, you can order one here: (the campaign is sending 6 to make sure at least all the trained monitors have one).