Creating ideal market conditions (was "Raging Libertarian")

It seems to me that an ideal market would be one with the following

• No government interference
• Wide variety of consumer choice
• Low barriers to entry
• Highly competitive (not dominated by any single company or small
group of companies)
• Favorable conditions for innovation, creativity, and technological

  In the computer industry, a lot of the issues that come up, and that
determine which companies prosper and how, are going to be issues of
intellectual property. Now given that intellectual property is such a
grey area of libertarian philosophy to begin with (should government
enforce patents? should they eventually expire? etc.), might it be
worth tolerating a little government interference if that interference
was designed to enhance the other four characteristics noted above?

Your devil's advocate,
                <<< Starchild >>>

Don't get me wrong. I support the free market. All
I was saying
is that I blacklist that company in my book, and I
have every right
to do so.... unless someone feels this is an
inappropriate topic
for this list. I suppose it is. Sorry.

I did not mean to imply that it was wrong to
personally not choose MS or Linux or that your
comments here were inappropriate.

My commentary was meant to address the fact that
Microsoft's aggressive business tactics should not be
compared on the same level as those that McNealy has
sunken to in wrongly leveraging government. That is
much, much worse in my opinion. And it's not like Sun
is lily white on the business tactics either. They
have been sued for patent/tm violations, etc. as well.

BTW - I'm looking for any supporting material on a
comparison between competitive markets vs. free
markets, if you know of any. Very subtle difference
between the two...I've found many neo-libs to say they
support the free-market(like McNealy) but what they
really want is 'a level playing field' on their own
terms - i.e. no domination. Doesn't sound free to me.
ideas on this?

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