Create The Poll For Ron Paul

Hi Everyone!

My name is Brian, I'm a senior at Boston College. I'm getting
excited about this campaign, all signs point to nothing but success
in the future. However, what we have today - straw poll success and
$2.5 million - has been achieved through a grassroots movement, and
it needs to continue. The biggest obstacle we face? Media
recognition! The media, like Rudy, needs to get its facts straight.
For whatever reason (landlines, guided questioning, etc.) polls
don't show our support yet. So here is my proposal:

We create the poll!

Here is the contact information for three top political polling

Gallup (web submission only)

Toll Free in the U.S. & Canada 1-877-GO-2-POLL | fax 315.624.0210

Rasmussen Reports
Phone: 732-776-9777

I propose that this coming Friday, July 13th, we give the media and
the polls a big scare! Call up any or all of these groups, or any
other media outlet you prefer, and let them know where we stand. An
onslaught of Ron Paul supporters declaring "This is my name and I
will choose Ron Paul in 2008, mark it down!" will do plenty to
change their dogmatic perception of the state of this campaign.

This message will be posted around the internet, and I encourage you
to spread the word - I can't find all the groups and boards.

Thanks for your help! Keep it up!