Crashing the Parties

I caught the show last night. I thought it was pretty good. What did you guys think of it?
There was at least one seen where I spotted our contingent at the San Jose LP convention. :slight_smile:

-- Steve

Yeah, Chris Maden was quite visible clapping in response to an Aaron Russo line at the convention (didn't quite catch who else was sitting there) and Richard Winger had a brief speaking bit on camera.

  Overall I was a bit disappointed with the show though. It was nice exposure, but I think the other three major alternative candidates, particularly David Cobb and Michael Peroutka, came off more favorably than Michael Badnarik. Gary Nolan came off even worse, but then I never thought he had much public appeal to begin with. But both Nolan, who was labeled the "Libertarian frontrunner" and Aaron Russo were featured prominently in the chronology before Michael Badnarik, which may have confused some people who caught part of the show about who our presidential candidate is this year.

  The Libertarian Party candidates were also often shown making what to me seemed like relatively ineffective statements (e.g. Nolan: we're "better" than the Democrats and Republicans, Badnarik: "if I can win this nomination, I can win the election," Russo: "I want my tombstone to say 'freedom fighter'"). I thought the segments showing Cobb driving around in a subcompact and the comments from his supporters were good plugs for him. Nader was depicted as standing up with citizens against a stadium development in New York City and getting a favorable reaction at a graduation speaking engagement, and Peroutka really got to show his human side the most, at home playing basketball with his kids and interacting with voters at a right to life rally. For Badnarik, the "good" segment in my opinion was the footage of him at the convention, which didn't seem quite the same as showing him out there doing politics or living his life.

  But given the usual media non-attention, the special certainly counts as good, positive publicity. I was personally delighted that they used the Patti Smith song "People Have The Power," which I've long loved and have at home on 7" vinyl. I also managed to tape it by the way. If Bryce has a VCR at his place and there is interest, I'll bring it to the party Saturday.

Yours in liberty,
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