Covid death reporting

I just heard on KQED (an NPR station broadcasting at 88.5 FM) that the Santa Clara county government has revised the way it counts Covid deaths. Previously, according to the broadcast, they were counting everyone who had the virus when they died as a Covid fatality. Now they are reportedly only counting deaths in which Covid is listed on the death certificate as at least a partial cause of death. This (common sense) change, the announcer said, caused a 22% drop in the county’s Covid death toll. [emphasis added]

This confirms in at least one location locally what I’ve understood from other information I’ve come across to be a widespread reality. This kind of thing is why I suspect the overall death toll from the coronavirus in places like the United States has been greatly inflated. My guess is that the recent change reflects the fact that lockdowns are now ending and they no longer perceive the same need to inflate the Covid death numbers in order to provide a justification for unconstitutional government mandates.

It further seems that the county government had already reduced its official death total in May, according to notice posted on their website as of May 15 (obtained from a snapshot of the site at
“The total number of COVID-19 cases decreased today due to the removal of duplicate cases from the case count. These duplicate cases were identified as part of ongoing efforts to improve our data on COVID-19 cases in the County.”

Unfortunately, nobody at KQED is answering their phones, and no one I could reach at the Santa Clara county Medical Examiner’s office had any information, so I was unable to obtain any further details. If anyone else knows anything about this, please post.

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