Count to 10 and reread before posting

I’ve moderated a couple of the more discourteous posters at the request
of some of our officers.

Please, folks, remember that there are real people on the other side of
the monitor. Libertarians are known for our passionate opinions, but in
person, we tend to be respectful to each other while debating.

Libertarians also have a reputation for being bullies on the Internet.
The various LPSF discussion fora have always been far more civil than
most; let’s try to keep them that way and disprove, rather than
reinforce, that reputation. We have never, to my knowledge, had to ban
anyone from these lists, but we will require consistently disrespectful
posters to have their posts approved before posting.

So when someone has grabbed hold of your goat, please count to ten and
re-read your message before posting it. Better, save it as a draft and
come back to it in an hour or so, and see if it still seems so


Dear Chris,

Thank you so much for stepping in and appraising new list members of
our lists' tradition of civility and mutual respect. Also, as one of
this list's moderators, I apologize to you for only now showing my
concurrence with your action. I will be more diligent in the future,
and not hesitate to express my dismay when new list members fail to
follow our tradition of shedding light rather than heat on our topics
of discussion.



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I’ve moderated a couple of the more discourteous posters at the