correspondence With Waybe Root, guaranteed to generate much hate mail

Wayne, So the LP is more important than the foundation of civilization, the presumption of innocence. And we all should be good Germans and report any suspected crimes to the authorities. And we can all trust the authorities.

Well Wayne, if thats what it takes to have the american people vote Libertarian, Party, then count me out.

Every tin plated dictator says that he is doing it for the kinder.
I have seen very dramatic speaches by The Great Fuher where he wimpers for the little children, victims of the hated molesting Jews.
Yes, Adolph proved that anything for the children makes great politics.
I am sad for the LP if your view is accepted with out censure.


Seeing as you seem proud of your views, I will go ahead and post this.


Feel free to repost to other grops the thread with Wayne.

It looks like Wayne or someone very like him will be slouching towards the Potomac as Bill Bonner says to bring us salvation and make the trains run on time.