convention rates - I vote "NO"

Executive Committee members and fellow California Libertarians,

  A little over three weeks ago, a motion and second were made privately rather than being sent to our committee as a whole, and a vote was immediately held without any opportunity for discussion.

  At that time, I raised the procedural concern in a message sent to the entire committee and to other lists, that as an important issue of transparency and good governance, this should not be happening.

  With the exception of Gale Morgan, who made a reply to which I responded and to which I saw no further response (see correspondence below), I am unaware of anyone on the ExCom even *hinting* at publicly defending this practice. Yet here I see it being used again a short time later without any explanation, as if my objection had never been raised.

  Six days ago, I received a notice of an upcoming ExCom meeting to be held on December 4 in Panorama City. In a response sent that same day, I asked that communication issues be added as an agenda item to our Dec. 4 meeting scheduled to be held at the party office in Panorama City (see further correspondence below). I have seen no response to that message either, nor have I seen an agenda for the meeting, nor heard if or when one will even be published.

  Until we address this and other related transparency/communication issues as a committee, either by adopting reasonable policies or by having a full and frank discussion of the matters and seeing them resolved in some other fashion, I will not be voting for ANY motion that is not properly sent to the committee as a whole. If I think a motion is very deserving, I may abstain; otherwise I will vote against it!

  Since I have questions about the proposed convention rates listed in the attached document, and have been given no opportunity to discuss them, I am voting NO on this motion. I recommend that every other member of the Executive Committee do likewise.

Love & Liberty,
                                                    ((( starchild )))
At-Large Representative, Libertarian Party of California Executive Committee

P.S. - If you are an ordinary Libertarian Party of California member who cares about your party leadership conducting its business in an open, transparent, and reasonable manner, and finds all this as unacceptable as I do, I suggest you let party leaders know by hitting "reply all" to this message and expressing your views.

P.P.S. - If you are on the Executive Committee, and would like me to consider supporting a motion you are making, simply be sure to send it to the entire committee. I will be even more likely to look favorably upon your proposal if you request a reasonable period for us to discuss the matter prior to it being voted upon.

P.P.P.S. - I continue to welcome constructive dialogue with anyone who wishes to discuss these issues.

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