CONUNDRUM: Re: [lpsf-discuss] Marriage discussion; conundrum

Dear Rowan;

Good points with a perspective on the treatment of women and their "place" in society and as is usually the case determined in the main by male ( we got the right to protect you lil' ol' gals) polticians ( it's for your own good ) because we guys knows best.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

Rowan Wilson <srwilson@...> wrote:
Thoughts & stories from real life regarding the marriage discussion.

Let me first clarify that I am for an absolute separation of church and
state. Marriage laws are convoluted. They do not serve parties equally in
all states nor in all situations. (soapbox from Law school days as well as
after 10 years of marriage then divorced in TX, a community property state
when I inherited his debts!) The "right" to marry discussion of yesterday
provides many valid points. People should have the "right" to form a union
in their own way, with the government or not and certainly should not be
discriminated against regardless of who they choose or do not choose to
marry (remain single).

What has been left out of this discussion-----
Please recall that when our country was founded, women had very little if
any rights even if they had their own money. We could not own property in
most states of the union. We were in fact property! In some ways, sadly
little has changed. Further, there are still a group of "sisters" who
misappropriate power and those who do not stand up to use it claiming
"victimization" etc. As we know, laws have been cobbled together since
creation and the meaning let alone definition of marriage has been
construed to all types of unions continuing to evolve with the individuals
for the ages.

Tempting discussions----
But what is the likelihood that we can reinvent the system from the
beginning let alone change society moreso than one on one a person and
generation at a time? I feel there is still a need to provide baseline
laws from organization to protections.


A woman holding auditions for "husband/life partner" ala' Land lease in
perpetuity :wink:

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