Contracting Fraud In Iraq Rips Taxpayers Off

Dear Derek And Everyone Else;
  From time to time I have posted Riverbend the Iraqi woman who has been blogging since the invasion. Her most recent blog is pictures of what Iraq looked like with various infrasturctures destroyed in Iraq War #1. Then pictures of how the destruction had been repaired within about two years all done internally by Iraqis.
  It is now three years later and the infrastructure is still as bad as it after the bombing started by Bush #2 in Iraq War #2. Water electricity sewage still a mess and billion dollar contracts still being let for campaign contributors to re-build Iraq at taxpayers expense.
  Derek this is where you come in.
  I had earlier related to Derek how an Irqai structural engineer who according to River Bend lived and breathed and ate structural engineering presented a plan to the US Iraq administrators on an open bid program to re-build a bridge destroyed in Iraq War #2 for about US$300,000. The contract went to a firm owned in Texas by a Bush campaign contributor for $50 million. Even if the Iraqi structural engineer was off by 300% and it cost $1 million to repair it still points out how the taxpayers are being took by the Bushitas.
  Read the current news stories about the contractor fraud and waste totaling billions. Then compare results and ask why are we taxpayers being took and why are we letting it happen?
  Ron Getty
  SF Libertarian

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