Consulted with Andrew Cohen

He's the police officer of the infamous Bayview video scandal:
As a candidate one must be apart of as many active components of the municipality.
I support the officer's right to make pun of the constituency. And am attempting to get Officer Cohen the run for President of the POA (Police Officer's Association). Also, I side with the rank and file an removing Chief Fong! We are also 'hen peck'in' the hell out of Newsomecomer. Go to and take a gander of the goose laid!
Everyone's freedom is at stake and all deserve to have the LP's support.
And Yeah, as a candidate I intend to gain the greater portion of law enforcement votes. Especially among the Sheriff deputies. Having a namesake Sargent Dupree has given me inroads that I'm taking extreme advantage. Any group that's campaigned to gives one a better vote count, just by shear respect to listen to their issues. I spoke with Sheriff Hennessey and stated flatly he wouldn't run. Whew! Him I can't beat...
I "leave no stones unturned" that leads to a fight for freedom. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and 'some moe' votes!

I've heard other city/county employees issuses and have assured many in Muni and DPW that under my administration they will be apart of the deccission in regards to who's to lead their perspective department. This is apart of my plan to dismantle what left the Willie's regime. I'm removing Mohomad the chief at DPW and they love me for it. Their leader will be someone from the ranks.
Early in my campaign I stated "my first official duty is to fire Burns". He was then head at Muni. Well he left...but still many at Muni respect me for any efforts made.

As time progress everyone will see my platform is going to be about what voters tell me they want. As long as it doesn't infringe on others "I'm their man!"

DuPree for Mayor '08