Congressman Ron Paul the Ally of Traditional Values Coalition And Louis Sheldon???

Dear Dr. Mike;

I believe the word " Abolitionist " has a certain connation in the lexicon of usage - while I understand what you mean - the average John or Jane Doe wouldn't have a clue - you would have to do massive advertising and so on to get people to realize what you meant by Abolitionist.

The opposite thing is what happened to the word Liberal - once upon a time in Jefferosn day this meant Libertarian - the word got co-opted when the liberals of the day did not fight when the word got stolen by what we now know as liberals.

A far far far better word is needed to hang the party moniker on - don't stop thinking on it - keep on trying new words - and their connation in the lexicon of usage.

Somewhere out there is a far far better word or words to wrap a new party around - or rap a new party to - or even hip hop a new party.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian