Community Court sentencing hearings - Mon. Jan. 28 and Thurs. Feb. 7

San Francisco authorities are currently seeking to implement an expanded community court system along the lines of the one used by Rudolph Giuliani as mayor in New York, for the purpose of grinding people accused of minor "crimes" such as prostitution and drug sales through the system more quickly and efficiently.

  According to SFPD captain Gary Jimenez, there are a couple sentencing hearings coming up for convicted sellers of prohibited substances:

Marcel Lewis sentencing
Department 17, 2nd floor
Hall of Injustice, 850 Bryant Street
Monday January 28
9:00 a.m., Court# 2314382

Corina Carter sentencing
Department 210
400 McAllister Street
Thursday February 7
9:00 a.m., Court #2303698

  This seems like a good opportunity for anyone concerned about community court to come find out how it works and weigh in to oppose people being punished for victimless "crimes."

  The captain's newsletter also mentions that Superior Court Commissioner Ron Albers is holding community court sessions in Department 18 on Fridays. The precise time and location of these sessions is not specified, but I'm guessing from the Department number they are also at 850 Bryant Street. If anyone has more details on that, please post.

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From SFPD captain Gary Jimenez: