Club forum on Proposition E


  I notice the Commonwealth Club has an event happening Oct. 30 on Proposition E on the November ballot in San Francisco (a tax increase on sweetened beverages). The event description (’s-prop-e-pros-and-cons-soda-tax ) says panelists are to be arranged.

  As an activist with the Libertarian Party of San Francisco and someone who has thought a lot and engaged in many discussions on the role of government in society, I would be interested in serving as a panelist. As you may or may not be aware, the LPSF is the official ballot opposition to Prop. E, and one of our officers asked for volunteers to approach the Club about representing the group as a participant on your panel.

Love & Liberty,
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Hi Starchild. Thanks for volunteering for panelist duty. I will go the event if you're on the panel that evening. Also thanks to you for presenting against C and E at the Log Cabin meeting this past Wednesday night.
Hi Marcy. Thanks for posting about this Commonwealth Club event and also your presentation against G at the Log Cabin on Wednesday.


  Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. If it's a matter of either/or, I would encourage you to choose a grassroots opponent from the local community over a representative of a corporate lobbying group. But having both perspectives would be preferable.

  On the statist side, listeners might also find it informative to hear from not just Scott Wiener as a middle-of-the-road career-minded politician, but someone who is more consistently ideologically in favor of more government control.

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