I want to clarify something, in case it is misunderstood.

I am a true-blue libertarian. My beliefs about it are not wavering. I have been so for my entire life.

When I banter about topics such as the psychology of property ownership, collectivism, socialism, etc., I am doing so not because I am unsure of my beliefs on the matter, but because of something Sun Tzu said in the Art of War. I don't have the exact quote, but it was something like he who knows himself and his enemy will win all of his battles. I am open minded, so I can understand them, but not so open minded that I forget the valuable truths which have proven themselves time and time again.

I sense that a pervasive problem in our party is our lack of people skills (and I am no exception), our fixation on our principles, and a potential lack of understanding of the other partys' psychology and motivators. At least, I don't feel that I understand well enough. This makes it damn near impossible for me to reach people. I have to recognize their true problems and issues, and parrot it back to them, in order to get them to snap out of it and really listen ; in order for them to realize that I "get it" and I'm not just another cardboard man saying "how much software do you want to buy?"

That is why I am so actively researching these issues and occasionally asking for thoughts on these matters.

Just FYI.