Cities rightly slammed for criminalizing homelessness

Shelters are for prison type of individuals willing to fight and fight some more.
They kick clients out at 7am in the rain.
Shelters cost clients up to $300 a month of their General Assistance.
A system set up to put milloons in the pockets of religious orders. Its a spiritual disgrace.
Why is private interprises forbidden to bid; possibly smaller locations?

The onsite employer who run them are like hard ass Brown Shirts. Any client who file a complaint can be beaten by someone once he hits the streets.
If a client wants a evening life of galleries, plays and the like its not allowed.
Check in is 5pm to 7pm and all must be in by 8pm.
This system is only good for those who are previously institutionalized.

And, worst of all: there are thousands more homeless than the system can ever handle.
I could on and on…

The downed economy ten folded this mess. But every still blames the poor.