Chronicle article about Patri Friedman & the Seasteading Institute

The comments are running very negative, partly I think because of the way the Chronicle's Nellie Bowles framed the story. Definite need for some pro-freedom people to weigh in with their own comments and thumbs-ups or thumbs-down as appropriate:

  But pretty cool nevertheless to see the Chronicle reporting on the possibility of "a floating libertarian nation" 12 miles off the coast of San Francisco. Ah, if only it can be! :slight_smile:

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What we Libertarians label as a stranglehold, pro-government-types label as a safety net, sometimes uncomfortable but necessary. My guess is that the negative commentators were straight-A students who not only learned their teachers' lectures, but also believed them. They probably think of the sensation of their masters' leash around their necks as a "safety net" and consider the possibility of freedom within their lifetime frightening. One negative commentator equated seasteading with slavery!

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