Chiu Wants Non-Citizens To Vote For School Board

Dear All;

San Francisco David Chiu Pres. San Francisco Board Supervisors is proposing a ballot measure to allow non-citizens to vote for members of the SFUSD school board.

said Chiu. "What we really want to do is empower all parents and give
them a voice in their childrens' education.

Before everyone hops on the legal - illegal immigrants thing it must be noted California state law requires a person to be a citizen to vote in California.

What would happen is if the measure passes it would be immediately challenged by the State Attorney General's office. This would mean SF taxpayers coughing up what could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in defense fees. Like the anti-gun law the defense eventually cost SF taxpayers some $800,000 in court fees and settlement to plaintiffs.

The California State Supreme Court would declare invalid because of the underlying state law which they would not over turn. The legislature would not re-write as it would have to be a state charter amendment requiring a 2/3's vote of state assembly and senate and 2/3's by state voters.

This is nothing more than politically pandering at cost to taxpayers and treating taxpayers like ATM's for political pandering.

Ron Getty

An LTE saying that using national citizenship to determine local voting is
wrong, but that this is clearly just pandering at taxpayer cost since it
will be struck down immediately by the state supreme court, would be in
order. But it's important to state the Libertarian position regarding

Why does Rob think it would be struck down in California Supreme Court? San Francisco is a charter city/county. We can do what we want in our local elections.

Humm..I am at a loss to perceive the connection between the obvious challenge of allowing non-citizens to vote, and immigration.


True. Take the medical pot stuff. We did what we wanted, but the Feds keep not liking it. That's what Rob meant.


Dear Richard

charter city/county not with standing San Francisco by your definition could allow voting by anyone at anytime for any reason in a local as long as it sited the power brokers. How far would that get?

It would be a basic underlying violation of the overlying state law.

Yes it would be nice to do what we would want to do - Anarchy!!!

Ron Getty

Marcy - I believe some 2/3's of children K-12 in the SFUSD are immigrant or illegal immigrant students and so on and so forth that's the factor.

Ron Getty