Chesa Boudin and Code Brown: California Poo Situation Upgraded To 'Hot Diarrhea' Attacks; Urinating In Public OK [2 Attachments]

I don't think the city resolution called Mario Woods a "hero", so I'm not sure where that word is coming from. But he was murdered by government employees at taxpayer expense, and I think the Board of Supervisors were right to call attention to that injustice and try in some way to make amends by declaring a "Day of Remembrance":

The resolution said that “while several supervisors and the chief of police have privately expressed their condolences, the city and county of San Francisco has not publicly apologized to Gwen Woods,'" Mario Woods’ mother."


  As for Chesa Boudin having done translation work for Hugo Chavez, I agree that's a stain on his record, although it's mitigated by the fact that it came when Boudin was only in his early 20s, and before Chavez was first reelected, i.e. at a time when his democratic credentials remained intact and he was immensely popular among mainstream Democrats.

  Boudin is obviously a leftist – I wouldn't necessarily support him for Supervisor or some other position (though of course that depends who else is running – often our options in such races are far less appealing than might be desired!). Yet in his approach to the criminal justice issues that his responsibilities as district attorney will encompass, I think his opponents, ironically, are far closer to embracing authoritarian-style law enforcement than he is, notwithstanding his actual stint doing translation work for Chavez's administration. This is what will matter in terms of real-world outcomes.

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