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Note the url is for Bradley and points to her new name/

It drives my statist friends absoluteley bonkkers, but the prominence of this info taday seems to be a product of the ministry of information, not an event that he chose to create today,.

He chose to make the announcement to the media today. The media saw this as news even juicier than the CIA admitting there is indeed an Area 51, and ran with it.

I personally could not care less what he choses to be or call himself. My objection is his expectation that taxpayers cover the bill for his choices.

The array of choices taxpayers are being asked to support grows and grows, with no end in sight.

Or he could have made the decision to once again forego his freedom (in this case parole) in favor of giving the military as much chagrin as he could.


WTF?! It is the state's expectation the taxpayers will pay, not Manning's.