checkpoints in DC were criticized by civil libertarians


Police in Washington, DC, have abandoned checkpoints it established in an
unsafe neighborhood after a night of violence saw eight shootings elsewhere in
the city. The checkpoints were criticized by civil libertarians as police state
tactics more appropriate for Baghdad or Soviet-era East Berlin than the
nation's capital.

Local authorities offered few specifics as to why they decided on Thursday
to stop checking identification for every person driving into a neighborhood in
Northeast DC, but they claimed the mission was a success because there were
no shootings in the neighborhood, known as Trinidad, during the six days the
checkpoints were in place. On Wednesday night, eight people, including an
11-year-old girl, were shot elsewhere in the city; none died.

DC cops abandon checkpoints - what are your comments?

Greg Dempsey
Obama '08

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I'm just glad they decided to go away....:>)

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