Che Guevara

Dear Starchild;

Maybe that's why Amazon books grouped Che's Guerilla Warfare with Zedong Mao On Guerilla Warfare for a discount package. Then the two could be compared. One a real guerilla fighter and the other a wannabe against a so - so army. Obviously Che did not have to do a 1,000 mile march even if it was against the corrupt Kuomintang Army of the uncorruptible Chiang Kai-Shek and his uncorruptible war lords.

It's always easy to win "battles" when you're fighting paper tigers. But as Bush will never learn when you go up against terrorists, insurgents, freedom fighters and religious fanatics you will never win the hearts and minds of the people. Especially when you use massive firepower to destroy whole cities in an attempt to destroy the enemies base of operations. All those nasty civilian casualties conveniently explained away as collateral damage.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

I haven't read Che Guevara's "Guerilla Warfare." But according to an
extremely unflattering June 2002 article by Humberto Fontova, the real
Che was not much of a guerilla fighter. This article was the
cover-story of the San Francisco Herald paper last April, and it's also
online at .
Here's part of it...

<<< Starchild >>>

Statistically speaking, a nocturnal stroll through Central Park
offers more

peril than Castro�s rebels faced from the dreaded army of the beastly

Fulgencio Batista. According to Bethel, the U.S. embassy was a little

skeptical about all the battlefield bloodshed and heroics and

They ran down every reliable lead and eyewitness account of what the
New York

Times called a "bloody civil war with thousands dead in single battles!�

They found that in the countryside, in those two years of "ferocious�

battles, the total casualties on BOTH sides actually ran to 182. New

has an annual murder rate DOUBLE that.

Alas, the Viet Cong took their lessons from guerrilla leaders who � get

this, Che groupies � actually fought in a guerrilla war. Yes, where

shoot back and everything. Che eventually tried his hand at this
novelty and

... well. We saw what happened. He was run out of Africa with his tail

between his legs in months. Then in Bolivia he and his merry band of

was betrayed, encircled and decimated in short order.

Dissed by Mao

Real guerrillas had Che�s number. Mao refused to see him when he

China. He had him cool his heels in a reception room for two hours, then

stood him up. He knew.

Che the Lionhearted�s image is still ubiquitous on college campuses.
But in

the wrong places. He belongs in the marketing, PR, advertising �and

especially - psychology departments. His lessons and history are

and valuable, but only in light of Sigmund Freud or P.T. Barnum. One

every minute, Mr. Barnum? If only you�d lived to see the Che phenomenon.

Actually, 10 are born every second.

Here�s a "guerilla hero� who in real life never fought in a guerilla

When he finally brushed up against one, he was routed.

Che excelled in one thing: mass murder of defenseless men. He was a

Stalinist to the core, a plodding bureaucrat and a calm, cold-blooded

again, never in actual battle � killer. And there was an actual method

this murderous madness.

Recall that in 1940 Stalin�s commissars rounded up the Polish officer

herded them into the Katyn Forest and slaughtered them to a man. Stalin

didn�t want any Polish contras messing up his plans. These officers

have led them. So his men dug a huge mass grave and lined up the Polish

officers. The Russian pistol barrels went up against the back of the

POW! ... Thump. Fifteen thousand shots later the deed was done and the

replaced. Any contra problem was nipped in the bud.

Che followed suit in Cuba. As a communist flunkie in Guatemala he�d
seen the

Guatemalan officer corps rise up against the communist Arbenz
government in

'54. (And you pinko professors please stifle the noise about Arbenz as

harmless "social democrat� and "nationalist� victimized by the fiendish

United Fruit Co., OK? When ousted, Arbenz sought refuge in

not Sweden.)

Beloved Mass Murderer

Anyway, Che didn�t want a repeat in Cuba.. Upon entering Havana in

59 he started rounding up all Army officers. Then - FUEGO!! - his firing

squads got busy � real busy. By his own count, Che sent 2,500 men to


The "Cuban Katyn � I call this slaughter. The reds called these
executed men

"war criminals� and the Beltway press naturally parroted the charge.

new here.

The New York Times� (Pulitzer-winning, no less) reporter Walter
Duranty had

parroted Stalin and Beria�s charges against the victims of the 1930s

trials, too. Later, they, along with Chris Dodd, Ted Kennedy and Tip

labeled Nicaragua�s contra�s "war criminals.� But today Nicaragua is

because of them.

Che�s true legacy is simply one of terror and murder. That dreaded

knock. Wives and daughters screaming in rage and panic as Che�s goons

off their dads and husbands - that�s the real Che�s legacy.

Desperate crowds of weeping daughters and shrieking mothers clubbed

rifle butts outside La Cabana as Che�s firing squads murder their dads

sons inside - that�s the real Che legacy.

Thousands of heroes yelling "Viva Cuba Libre !� and "Viva Christo Rey

before firing squads of murderous drunks whom they�d have stomped in

battle - that�s the real Che legacy.

Secret graves and crude boxes with the bullet-riddled corpses
delivered to

ashen-faced loved ones - that�s the real Che legacy.

And let�s not forget the craven, "Don�t shoot! I�m Che . I�m worth
more to

you live than dead!� (Then why didn�t he save his last bullet for

Perhaps the defiant yells of the men he murdered actually affected Che


By 1960 he started ordering that his victims� mouths be taped shut.

there was a trace of human emotion in this icy dolt after all? Genuine

bravery and defiance unnerved him.

When the wheels of justice finally turned, Che was revealed as
unworthy to

carry his victims' slop buckets. He learned nothing from their bravery.

could only beg for his life. So yes, the craven request when cornered in

Bolivia is also the real Che legacy.