Change Registration - Vote For Ron Paul In The Primaries

1. Attention California Ron Paul Voters
    Posted by: "Anson" interpolarize@... interpolarize

The California Republican party is not allowing unaffiliated voters to
vote in the presidential primary[1]. Since this fact has not been
shared widely, this means many non-affiliated voters will be turned
away when it comes time to vote!

To vote for Ron Paul in California, you need to re-register to vote as
a Republican here: before January 21.

I recommend taking a couple minutes to do it now, since you'll
probably forget later.

Also, this year the California Republican Primary will NOT be
winner-take-all[2], which means your vote will make a difference in
helping Ron Paul get nominated! So plan on going to vote!

If you need any more information, send me an email pennycoder@....


Note: The Republican party was supposed to file in accordance with SB
28 before 135 days prior to the (Feb. 5th, 2008) election, and they
have not done so.