Change "Direct Action Forum" to "Activist Forum"?


  I wouldn't be particularly opposed to this, though the reasons you
list here seem to boil down to the fact that the new name would be one
word shorter. Since the dictionary definition of "activism" you
provided here practically includes the term "direct action," I see
little substantive difference. But maybe that was precisely your point.

  The strongest argument I see for a change is that (as Chris Maden once
pointed out) "direct action" has in certain circles come to
specifically mean illicit "street" activism, which DAF is obviously not
about. On the other hand, the general association of the term "direct
action" with the activist left is precisely what led me to choose that
name in the first place. I think we can learn a lot from the
methodology of the left, including some of their language.

  Anyway, what does everybody else think? If most people would prefer
"Activist Forum" to "Direct Action Forum," a name change is OK by me.

Yours in liberty,
            <<< Starchild >>>

Along with my proposal to change the format of Direct Action Forum
(outlined in my previous message), I propose changing the name "Direct
Action Forum" to "Activist Forum." Here are my reasons:

In *Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary*, the definition of
*activism* is: "a doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct vigorous
action esp. in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial
issue." (The word *activist* is listed as a noun or an adjective within
the definition of *activism*.)

The word *forum* has several definitions, including: "a public meeting
place for open discussion" and "a public meeting or lecture involving
audience discussion."

I think that "Activist Forum" would be more readily understood by
we invite to attend. It is also shorter than "Direct Action Forum."


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