Caught On Tape: CA Governor Brown Goes On Epic Climate Change Rant; Vows To Defy Trump | Zero Hedge

One really terrific thing about this speech and the related events is that the left is really starting to get a concept of state sovereignty and so is the city of San Francisco. I think perhaps we should be openly supportive to the concepts of local control of course in my humble opinion this is no endorsement of Jerry Brown's opinion of the scientific acumen of the profession to whom he speaking

Caught On Tape: CA Governor Brown Goes On Epic Climate Change Rant; Vows To Defy Trump
Apparently Trump's recent letter to the Energy Department, which included very pointed questions about climate change research, and/or his appointment of former Texas Governor Rick Perry to lead that department going forward (a department that Perry proposed shutting down back in 2012 for those who may have forgotten), "triggered" California's head snowflake, Governor Jerry Brown, into an epic climate change rant before a gathering of scientists at the American Geophysical Union's national conference in San Francisco.

Vowing to defy Trump's efforts to undermine the "progress" made by California on climate change regulations, Brown promised that his state is "ready to fight."

“We’ve got the scientists, we’ve got the lawyers and we’re ready to fight.”

"Some people say that they're going to turn off the satellites that are monitoring the climate. I remember back in 1978 I proposed a satellite for California. They called me Governor Moonbeam because of that. I didn't get that moniker for nothing. And if Trump turns off his satellites, California will launch it's own damn satellites. We're going to collect that data."

Apparently, Brown is also not a big fan of Rick Perry...

"I remember our new Secretary of Energy, he was coming to California and saying 'come to Texas because we have all the jobs in Texas.' Well, California is growing a hell of a lot faster than Texas. And we got more sun than you have oil."

Meanwhile, Brown also took a shot at "fake news" outlets like Breitbart who decided to poke fun at his new regulation passed back in September that requires the state to cut methane emissions from dairy cows and other animals by 40% by 2030. Brown apparently took issue with a Breitbart headline that declared he was attempting to regulate "cow farts."

"The measures on methane that I signed into law, Breitbart and the other clowns talked about cow farts. That's what they reduce. Everything's reduced from seriousness to a joke. Well, it's not a joke."

While we're not sure which organizations he's referencing with his "other clowns" comment, we tend to agree with Brown on this serious news organization would ever post such a ridiculous headline about "cow farts."

With that, here is the full rant from Jerry...enjoy.

Yes! This was one of Jerry's best! Totally agree LPSF should get behind "local control" but not in the case of defending the perpetration of EPA, HUD, and other bureaucracies LP has been blabbing about eliminating for decades.