Candidates for Sheriff

Dear Fran�oise,

I never vote for non-libertarian candidates. I would feel partly
responsible if my candidate won, then acted to increase the
size or scope of govt. (Of course, a Libertarian office-holder
could do the same. However, I estimate the chances to be
significantly less.)

Moreover, a candidate not steeped in libertarian thought
lies much more often during the campaign. I guarantee
you, for example, that if Howard Dean happens to be
elected president, his anti-war rhetoric will be softened
dramatically. This type of vote-getting behavior occurs
promiscuously at every election. Never trust their promises
and posturing!

Best, Michael


  No need to feel responsible for a non-libertarian politician's actions if he or she appeared to be the best choice on the ballot when you voted for the person. You did what you could, and it sure beats not voting and thus sharing the responsibility for an even less libertarian candidate getting elected if the other person wins.

  As far as the candidates for Sheriff go, I don't have an opinion yet either Francoise. I may try to call them up and question them individually, and I would recommend that others do the same. This should yield some worthwhile information, and hearing from a bunch of libertarians could make an impression.

Yours in liberty,
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