Candidates/Ballot Night

Dear Starchild;
To get candidates night co-sponsors for a genuine event you would need the american independent with 6,800 voters the greens with 9,900 peace & freedom with 1,600 and maybe even the republcians with 43,000. A central location near bus lines would be nice or where some kind of parking is available with lots of advance notice so each group could then send notices to their members of the event and also have coordination with the candidates and their schedules. This would also extend to the propositions where there are formal proposition committees to be invited to send a speaker.
In other words you need the help of the other parties where the other parties have local ex coms and means of getting to their voters you wqould need some money possibly to rent a place unless there was a place for free and the advance time to get notices to the party members preferably a bare minimum of 1-2 weeks advance notice preferably 2 weeks..

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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  I agree with you about the desirability of a central location near
bus lines and/or available parking. One possibility is the Power
Exchange during the day on a weekend day. I did not have other
political parties in mind as co-sponsors. I believe they've already
had, or will be having, their own events, and would not be interested
in co-sponsoring (except maybe the Peace and Freedom party or other
even smaller parties). Given the number of local groups available
though, I think we would do better in this instance to seek out non-
party co-sponsors. Are you down for the event?

Love & Liberty,
          ((( starchild )))