Can you please make me a delegate to the Columbus Convention

Dear Starchild,

I will be attending the Libertarian National Convention in Columbus Ohio.

I did not know until this minute that I would be able to go as I have been
running for US Congress.

Could you please have me admitted as a convention delegate. As you know I
have been active in Libertarian Politics for decades.

Sam Sloan

I am in the balcony above looking down directly at you.
You just lost a motion to amend the rules.
Could you please get me accepted as a delegate from California as I am all
alone up here in the balcony?

Sam Sloan

Hi Sam,

  I trust that you were able to talk to Kevin Takenaga and get added to California's delegation after we spoke on Friday? Hope you had a good convention.

Love & Liberty,
                               ((( starchild )))