Can we communicate and discuss without sounding like a corporation?

Starchild, Should Shakespear's handlers not promoted the latest performance at the Globe, Should Mr. Barnum have remained silent about the performers in his circus, waiting for word of mouth, or God forbid, in the worst case, should Ed Mc Mahon never barked on the boardwalk on Coney Island, or Rodgers and Hammerstein promoted Mame. Promotion, huckerstering, and sales are a part of our culture, both good and bad. It is built into the very fabric of civilization. The ruins of pompeii show promotional signs to certain shops. In themost primitive open air markets there are folks barking and huckstering and jockeying for attention to the very freshest beans. It is often the essence of creativity and human interaction, and can be an art as much of any other human activity. Badly done, it is as distressing as a crude work of"art."-
Done well it as informative and inspiring or entertaining as any form of art.

On the recieving end, Barnum famously said " a sucker is born every minute, and no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

supidity and irresponsibility and gullibility always are a problem,. The hope is that in a freerer society, the suckers will learn to not be csuckered, or will learn to seek the trusted advice of friends, relatives, or neighbors to protect them.
The fraud artists of course should be punished, with a presumption of innoncence.
There is evil lurking in every aspect of life. The beauty in life is to recognize that and fight the evil with art and love.

Kinda of missing Ed Mc Mahon., I am.