Can we communicate and discuss without sounding like a corporation?

This one isn't nice.

and for that apologize in advance. but I see no reason that we have to start stunting our speach because the word marketing is politically incorrect. Free speach and free expression of ideas are the first priority, especially here.

Starchild, you have made your point over and over again,. I and I hope Brian, will not curb our speech if it in fact dishonest and disengeneous.


  What are you suggesting might be "dishonest and disingenuous?" I'm not against free speech or free expression. I oppose "hate speech" laws and all forms of official censorship. But I also think that which words we use matters. It influences how we think and talk about things, and can even influence how we act. I would simply prefer to see us avoid language that promotes a meme of manipulating people as generic data points in varying demographics, when better options are available. Marketing fails its own public relations test -- being seen as an organization that is engaged in marketing, is itself bad marketing! Kind of like trying to be cool isn't cool.

Love & Liberty,
        <<< starchild >>>

To pick one out of an endless stream of possible examples on this, here's another email that just landed in my In Box today: