Campaigns don't run on hot air!

Dear LPSF,

I just want to make sure that you all are aware of Gail Lightfoot's
campaign too.

Mike Denny

This year, when you open your Libertarian Primary Ballot you will find
two candidates for US Senate listed. Many voters will not be aware of
this until
they, like you, open their sample ballot.

    This is only the second time in the history of the Libertarian Party
California that a statewide primary has been contested by two
candidates. In 1982, 19,044 of the 74,948 Libertarian voters statewide
turned out
to vote 7,470 for the winner, John Vernon, and 5,446 for the runner up,
Wagener. John Vernon received 108,775 votes in November with Libertarian

voters numbering 73,434.

    Those numbers reflect the fact that few if any Libertarian voters
the nomination was contested. Let's not repeat those low numbers in
2004. You
can help fund a reminder to Libertarian voters to vote in the March
Primary this
year. A post card notice of the two candidates can be sent to as many
in as many counties as funds allow.

    Will you help make this happen?

    A post card reminder will alert our voters of the need to
participate in
the Primary Election. An increase in the number of Libertarian voters
build the Libertarian Party and its candidates in the eyes of both
voters and the

    Will you help make this happen?

    Every dollar raised and used to send a post card to Libertarian
voters is
a dollar wisely spent on behalf of every Libertarian candidate on the

    A $300 (or more up to the pre-primary limit of $2,000 per
contribution from you (and a few friends - if your resources are
limited, ask
someone to help) will make it happen!

    Share this with your Libertarian friends and join together send the
highest contribution possible to Lightfoot for US Senate, 2004 right

    The election is March 2, 2004. We must reach our voters before then.

Gail Lightfoot
CA Libertarian for United States Senate, 2004
PO Box 598, Pismo Beach, CA 93448

PS: Remember, your $10 to $300 or more now will remind California
Libertarians to vote on March 3, 2004 Use your credit card @