[CALPCandidates] Ted Brown will run for California LP chair


  I'm glad to see you running for California LP chair. Our state party is indeed in trouble, and I appreciate your willingness as a longtime, principled, and hard-working Libertarian to step up to the plate. Given that you and I haven't always agreed on methodology, I'm particularly glad to hear you say "Transparency is #1 with me," because as you probably know I am a strong advocate of sunshine in our party's governance. From your message below, it appears you understand that lack of transparency has been a big part of the problem with our state leadership in recent years.

  I believe that the Libertarian Party's operations should be a model of openness, and set the standard for government agencies and officials. Do you support the following measures to improve and safeguard transparency?

Good standards, Starchild; but without officials who already are willing to serve by them, the points of most rules are moot.
Instead of mentioning wrongs of committees, I more so hold the individual/s with low standards of openness accountable, especially the chair: and state one's concerns to as many that'll listen. Otherwise, silence of that culprit, is a rubber stamp forwarding them further into leadership roles.

Starchild, is there a response to my response to running as a lib.

Hi Eric….the mayor’s race is non-partisan. So it is unlikely the state party will get involved. But don’t take my word for it.


Yes Mike, I wouldn't expect any political organized group to be apart of something that seems so insurmountable.
But, then I smile, because once the signatures are validated the political machine shall be proven vulnerable.

It'll be okay. In my lifetime, I have pulled great number of signers on college campuses. I mean really great numbers. And, I know first hand nearly every grunge bar in town, and believe me, there are plenty, who love my crazy as...
Then there's April 20th 4\20 fest at GG Park.
Now the previous 30 day registration is going to present a problem. The machine stringent requirements simply amaze me. But, in politics scandalous behavior is what drives signatures drives. So those who I come across will be asked to sign not for me for mayor, but for the right of the lil guy to participate.
Don't be surprised to see me in front of your market one (200 a) day with a copy of the requirements and a heart to stick it to the big bad machine.
And, least not forget, I worked to elect Reagan (the first time) so, I know some people beyond everyone in the Bayview and Filmo can't turn down my cute face.lol
I have 20 hours a day and twenty thousand Tenderloin voters who vote in a higher % than most can imagine. In a few hours, on 8th and Market, I got assurance from over 200 friends just of that particular hangout. And the demos spent big last election to register "my folks" whaaa are already pass 30 days.
More than politics, I believe in numbers; I have found for the last four decades for others.
And, if all my efforts prove to be friut a lil too less, that reason enough to alert others to destroy this monster political machine.

0h, by the way, "they" do a sample count: What is a "sample count" you ask, well let's just say, I LOVE SAMPLE COUNTS; first numbers establish the norm. So, maybe at 4/20 I shall register and have sign 15k, but you don't get it though.lol

So, Mike, when I got er done, and attend the meeting that follows, I'll expect you to bring a Monterey Peninsula cabernet souvi '78 victory toast!

PS. In my younger days, I was a Tramatola champ: 20k voter registered in one on Durant outside of Berkeley. After, I came up with the light weight easy to public trans carry IRONING BOARD as a table Team of ten just 4hours a day with one 900 day, 350 cards were mine, slogan, "Please do it. This is how we eat" starving students loved us. Okay some might did it twice, but hey, that's politics, uh?lol
3/31 I shall be "on it"

Eric….I’m down for the old wine no matter the cost.

Go get ‘em.


Take this consultation to political heart, Mike: a machine can bulldoze, but can't fight: it has too many arms to swing and too many wings to fly.
Too many powerful people who can't take a public defeat.
Too many damn geniuses, to think.
Too much money too throw around/really effectively.
And too much pride in surrendering.

There is no way, I'll let them hide from me behind a slanted table of chase me away just revised rules.
For 20k signatures, I can get the nomination. To what, I don't even know. Municipal elections are supposed to be non partisan?

As for the mention of me registering, libertarian, I want to so bad, but a black man's past gets no penitence and could harm any listed associated; so even though my numbers tell me, my block of 75% of the 15% black and black likes 40k along with another block/libertarian, I'll trunce in rank choice: Lee under 60k last victory now has a four traditional vote split.smh is nothing even with 80% Chinese, I'll trunce in Filipino and Vietnamese and Thai fear their Asian is being ignored/second class and they hate Newsome for it. Thanks to who?lol
Where my wine?:blush:


  Thanks. It is a catch-22, isn't it? But one has to start somewhere. Just trying to hold individuals accountable without the benefit of good rules or standards to point to may lead to perceptions of the criticisms being personal or unfair. Trying to fix flawed and unjust institutions and systems, rather than flawed individuals, may take the sting out of it and make it easier for people to embrace positive change. It's hard to say though.

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))


Are you planning to run as a Libertarian, Eric? I wasn't clear on that. Have you registered to vote Libertarian? Joined the party as a member? Again you can do either via LPSF.org. I can't speak for anyone else, but personally I would welcome you running as a Libertarian if you plan to advocate libertarian ideas, and not advocate anti-libertarian ideas.

Love & Liberty,
                               ((( starchild )))

Starchild, my hacker protection, is knocking my lpsf email: until it can be super formally authenticated by one more servers.lol crazy but finally I can't be hacked.

As for the party affiliation, I am mostly a numbers person, more so than issues. I have people who will vote for me and they don't even know me. Some call me the mayor, since my 08 attempt and before.
Such, affords me independence. I can hold liable any elected and not be questioned, by my core constituents; period. My integrity dates back to a Marine, Peace Corps/VISTA.

With that said, I gotta constantly look at the numbers, including 38k Republicans, some friends since Reagan1: the demo for a first, nominated a vice over my grassroots 29yr old nuclear vessel capt.lol

As for issues, I believe in freedom as long as it doesn't harm another. I believe suicide is not a crime, but the furthest acceptance of individual rights.
As for commerce, zoning, and property: are all subjective/'apples and oranges' individual cries to be nursed.
As long as one has an opportunity to do what's best, that's is what one shall do, for all concerns.

I consider a platform: contract law, of which, l'm a quick study.

In the case of property rights: once an owner complies with any, one is expected to adhere with all municipal covering: that my observations are renters are owners under contract; therefore, one's property rights, end or began at the threshold.
I don't simply side with the home tax payers, as the renter's cost, too contribute to those said taxes. Though I do honor grandfather rights to due rulings of one's day.
Judges shall recognize such; with new (likely absentee landlords) are subject to whatever whims of today's citizenry: legislation shall not henceforth solely recognize property buyers move in rights over (36 months or so) renters.
Responsible municipal leadership must recognize the settlers rights are which America was found. I just can't help for being a Clarence Thomas, constitutionalist.lol
As much as local group goal desire is a full slate libertarian candidate, you're never find an honest one.
Also, I must say, municipalities are non partisan, elected party members lives shall be secondary to municipal interest.
Well, it sounds good, anyway.lol

So, now that the citizenry is faced with Tweed Gang, Daley Machine, I am willing to join ranks, engaged in a all out battle: to destroy judge and public official, Newsome, Getty financed venture.
I am trouncing to drag through the mud, the two African American females, Malia Cohen cancer and Breed, London fog, along with any who stands up for or next to, "too" in order to drag them home, preferably recalled, before, the Hiroshima Nagasaki type political explosion! Be it as it may.
This brings on a liber gripe I have, in that, I feel many believe personal freedom may include lack of personal integrity in the public sectors, therefore libers can just observe and report, but shall hold accountable.
I am not like that. I believe once doing ones private things, in ones privacy, an elected official can have at it as ones pleases and payd out of their entitlement (only)
Sure this amounts to citizen political policing: "...to promote the national defense..." locally is everyone's duty, to kick the rats out.

So, Starchild, its up to you, to get this in pamphlet form.lol

Thanks Eric, this is a start. But it's kind of hard to parse some of what you say here, and of course there are a multitude of possible campaign issues. We should sit down in person as you suggested. I'd like to see your positions on the Nolan Chart quiz, and ask you about other local hot-button issues and issues of concern to the libertarian community. At that point I'd be in a better position to attempt writing something up.

  I think I might have asked this already, but if I did, and you answered, I don't recall seeing it -- Do you have a list of the relevant dates and numbers, such as when you can start collecting signatures, when they are due, how long your ballot statement is and when that is due? As I recall there's no fee for a mayoral ballot statement, is there?

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))

Stsrchild, I hadn't considered a ballot statement in three decades a political consultant.
I don't they are effective, but always made sure candidates' were up to par.
Had, I did one, it would simply say,
I eat with you
I drink with you
I succeed with you
I fail with you

Professionally, I support my administrators efforts, to ensure, their departments function well and I have city workers everywhere who I trust as well as I take in as much as possible. But, I do not support politicians for radical municipal change.
Our city runs well, as it is. We just need some weeding.lol
As for the chart, unless the author is from the area, I am reluctant to financially support him, unless, my finance director is a fan. For the sake of it, I'll give him a read.
As far as my views on hot button issues? I don't believe in them: that they exist and more than citizen squabbles. That until I make observations of the particulars, I don't give opinions.
Which brings up, the press. I don't talk to for profit popular press. Unless, its Venice Wagner. I don't do popularity contest. I secure supporters. I count votes.