[CALPCandidates] Re: [NorCalLibertarians] Re: convention rates - I vote "NO"

Is this the biggest controversy the Exec Comm can find? Your constituents are storming City Hall and getting clubbed by their police forces while you argue over approving our convention rates. Please get a grip.
The Bylaws specifically state that email votes require a five day period. So make the motion first and then debate it for five days. Why is that a problem? What could use changing is the quorum rule that makes it better for opponents to abstain en masse instead of voting "no". I think passing something by email should be extraordinary and require a majority of the whole committee voting "yes". Why not propose an amendment to the email vote process for the Convention?
I assume the deadline, "Midnight Nov 23" actually means 12:01 AM Nov 24. It would help to avoid ambiguity, please.
Finally, Bruce Cohen's accusation of a political conspiracy to illegally enact a convention rate schedule is worthy of a major party presidential candidate. Absurd.

for freedomHarland HarrisonLP of San Mateo County CA


  The irony of having to put energy into stuff like this doesn't escape me. But a Libertarian Party that doesn't have its own house in order, and is blatantly failing to serve as a model for the kind of accountable, transparent government that libertarian-minded voters want, should address those issues as a high priority. You may be glad however to hear that I did speak about the Occupy movement and police violence against it at a recent East Bay LP event, in the hopes of garnering more support among Libertarians for standing up for civil liberties in that context, and have been active in defending the movement online as well as taking some limited part in it on the ground.

  When procedures (or lack thereof) for email voting are highly flawed, I certainly agree with you that it would be better if it were only rarely done. But I don't have a problem with regular email votes taking place if such voting is conducted in a manner that reflects the kind of openness and due process that would take place at a well-run face-to-face meeting.

  I agree with you it would be nice for convention delegates to have the opportunity to vote on adopting better procedures for voting by email. If I am given the chance to serve on the Bylaws Committee, I will definitely seek to have the committee put forward such an amendment.

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