[CALPCandidates] Re: A motion has been made (National Platform Committee rep.)


  I agree that when a motion is made and seconded, the Secretary is required to put it forward for a vote. Although I also note that when this occurs in actual committee meetings where we are physically present, a motion and a second made out of the blue are typically followed by discussion, not by an immediate vote, and I believe that taking time for discussion under such circumstances is common sense and sound practice, and something we should do when voting via email as well as in person even if our Bylaws do not currently require it.

  But that is not what my question was about. My question was when, where, and how was this motion made and seconded? I never saw any such emails.

  Yes, I also think Bruce would be a fine Platform Committee rep. That's not the point at issue here. There may well be other people interested in the position who would also make fine choices. As you have pointed out, we have over a month to fill this position. I'm saying let's do our due diligence here by having a fair and open process that gives everyone who may be interested the opportunity to put their names forward, and have some discussion of who we should choose, and why, instead of railroading something through.

  When I asked for the motion to be withdrawn, of course it would be the person who made the motion who would withdraw it, not the Secretary. I did not intend to imply that the Secretary should withdraw the motion.

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May I point out that the By Laws require voting to remain open until Nov 2, not Oct 31, unless 2/3 of you concur?

Harland Harrison
Chair, LP of San Mateo County CA